L.M.T. realizes from the customer's design complete supplies of small, medium and long range in all areas of mechanical precision machined.

The range of our offer, as for turned small parts, go from a minimum bar diameter of 3 mm. to a maximum of 60 mm., while the work on a piece can reach 300 mm. The materials employed can be ferrous, non ferrous, alloyed steel, from carburizing, from hardening and stainless steel.
Our specialization in processing components and pneumatic or hydraulic valves, including the accurate assemblage according to the customer's specific schemes, unable us to serve many diverse markets. The finished product after turning, milling and drilling is highly reliable and precise.
On demand we also provide surface treatments, heat-treatments, galvanic treatments, processing of grinding and lapping with any kind of metal, ferrous or not, including alloyed and stainless steel. Our company uses numerical control machines, among which CNC lathes, and a group of headstock with passage of bar from 3 to 32, in addition to many other shooting machines.